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Interesting, Intelligent, and Engaging People!

Is that quirky charisma and infectious personality of yours stuffed behind the confines of a corporate job?
Sick of staring at the cat meme on your cube wall?

Interesting, Intelligent, and Engaging People! Psycho Suzi’s invites YOU to ditch that corporate badge, step away from the grind and jump behind our Tiki Bar!

If you love socializing and creating memorable experiences, bartending creates the perfect stage for your passion. No bartending experience required, but hey, if you know how to mix a killer martini, awesome. We know that great bartending isn’t just about concocting cocktails (we can teach you that); it’s all about personality!

Be the best host, therapist, friend or entertainer to our diverse clientele. Captivate our guests with your regaling life tales, stock market tips, or just entertain them with some bad dad jokes served up with the comfort of an Old Fashioned.

We are a dining/bar destination of celebration (whether it be bachelorette parties, retirement parties, birthdays and bar mitzvahs) and we want our friends to feel celebrated. We also create a cozy oasis for the lone stranger wandering in for a brew. As the only authentic Tiki Bar in the Midwest, Psycho Suzi’s showcases 70s nostalgia at it’s finest. We’re escapism, a tropical paradise for the ages serving up liquid sunshine in the form of rum-soaked cocktails. Our bartenders are the menders of broken dreams and saviors of lost souls.

Flexible Hours
- Make between $40,000 - $80,000 depending on how much / when you want to work
- Meet people from all walks of life and chat them up while giving them drinks
- Work in a multi generational workplace
- Be apart of a Minneapolis icon
- Work in a throw-back tropical oasis
- Closed on most major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day)

Take a break from your dysfunctional family and join ours!

Introduce yourself with a note and resume
Subject Line: I Wanna Bartend! Tell us how your eclectic style and fab life experiences should earn you a coveted space behind our bar.

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